Monday, May 11, 2009

In the ICU

We were able to see Josiah this afternoon. He's in a sectioned off room in the ICU so it's much quieter. The docs are keeping him pretty drowsy, but when's he's awake, he's looking around and moving both arms and legs, which is a good sign.

He's also looking both right and left, which he wasn't before - small victories!

Merri was able to get some sleep this afternoon, and we're going to leave J in the hands of the ICU for several hours this evening for both of us to get some rest.

He will probably eat sometime tonight or early tomorrow morning. Right now he's too tired to be hungry.

Pray that his brain doesn't bleed - this is the biggest concern right now. As long as he remains still and quiet, all should go well.


  1. Awesome!!!! Praise God... Still praying

  2. whoa! that'! we'll keep praying! (:

  3. Amazing! Cece is still waiting to play with "baby Josiah." Bring on the play time! Love you all.

  4. We know a God that heals and is mercy abounds.

  5. I love you guys. I'm praying for Josiah and your strength to see this through. Call me if you need anything at all.

  6. Our God is a great God.
    "The LORD will protect you from all evil;
    He will keep your soul.
    The LORD will guard your going out and your coming in
    From this time forth and forever." Ps 121:7-8
    Know He is always near to us. Still praying for your hearts, Merri & Stephen and can't wait to see how God will be glorified through this trial!

    love to you ALL!!!!
    Alison, Nic, Noah & Izzy Winn

  7. Hey, you don't know me personally but I am Lauren Ikerd's sister. She told me about y'all yesterday and I have been praying for you ever since. Also, I was just reading another blog from a sweet lady who encourages me in reading scripture, Karen Wells, and her daughter Laura had you on the blog to be praying for as well. So I started thinking, what a small world but not only that but what a BIG GOD we serve that has people all over who both know you and who have never met you praying for you! I hope you feel encouraged and loved by that. Lamentations 3:21-24! New mercies each day!-Carrie Brady

  8. Awesome news about josiah! We are praying for y'all .
    Hope you do both get some rest.

  9. Hey Merri and Stephen...This is wonderful news. I am so glad to hear that Josiah is moving both arms and legs and appears to see from both eyes. It is true that prayer changes things. I placed Josiah's name on the prayer role in the Ralegh, NC, Memphis, Tn and Mesa, Az. Temples. With folks praying from many faiths from all over the country and hopefully the world, Josiah will continue to improve. I will continue to pray for you and your lovely family. Hugs, Sandra Payne

  10. Merri,

    You,Stephen and Josiah are in my prayers. So happy to hear Josiah did so well during surgery. How encouraging to hear when he is awake that he is looking around and moving his arms and legs. I am adding Josiah to our prayer chain at church.

    Love you,
    Debbie Pitman

  11. Everytime I woke in the night I prayed for the three of you, thanking God that He never sleeps and is constantly going before us getting the road ready. I'm praying today for continued calm rest for each of you and healing. I love you, Saja