Friday, June 26, 2009

Feeding Tube

The ENT people came by and decided that it was unsafe for Josiah to swallow, and that the need for nutrients outweighed any risk of having the tube put in. It's a small tube from his nose to his stomach. The alternative is one going into his small intestine, but it's more invasive and requires an almost-constant food source, so we're hoping this one gets the job done.

The ENT felt that the bigger test at the other hospital was a good idea, but since Josiah's still so sick (and can't off O2), they can't discharge him. We're here to stay for a while

In other news, it seems that they haven't ruled out pneumonia as the root cause of the breathing issue. They're unsure if it's viral or bacterial. If it's viral, it will be 7-10 days before he recovers.

Right now, he's on more oxygen then he was earlier, and if he comes off of it (i.e., pulls it off his face), his O2 sats drop fairly quickly.

Merri just left to go home for a while, so I'm here watching Josiah sleep. They're going to try some Pedialyte here in a little while to see if he can keep it down.


  1. HURRAH!!!! Possibly nourishment at last. Thank you for the update and letting us know specifically what needs to be praying for. Glad Merri is getting a break for a little bit and that you are having time with Josiah even if he is sleeping. Both of you have handled this with a maturity beyond your years that can only be God-given. Merri posted the other day about being thankful God gave you this baby. Having watched the 2 of you from the pregnancy to today, it is so evident that God prepared Josiah especially for you. This baby is truly blessed to have 2 such dedicated and loving parents to care for him. If trials reveal character then both of you have shown all of us what faith, courage, humility, dependence on God, patience, kindness, and so many other Christ-like qualities look like when lived. Please let us know if Josiah keeps down the Pedialyte and how his O2 level goes. Know you haven't been sleeping well and hope you do tonight. Clean clothes are ready whenever you need them delivered. You are dearly loved son.
    Baby J needs a grandmommy kiss so please give him one for me. Give M a hug for me too.
    Mama D

  2. Ditto on the hurrah! I hope the feeding tube will work. I'm proud of both of you! I love you and I'm here if you need me. I'm home from vacation and I'll call you tomorrow. Give Josiah a big kiss from his "Mimi".
    Love you all, Merri's mom

  3. Still checking in on you guys and praying for you. Much love-
    Chris and Elizabeth Myatt

  4. Stephen and Merri,
    I have learned from my illness that food is the true life source. All the good medicine in the world will not work without proper nutrition. I am so glad to hear that Josiah is taking tube feedings. This will strengthen him and help him to fight infections. The tube that the doctor is referring to is called a J-tube. This tube is directly placed into the Jejunum which is the middle section of the small intestine. I highly recommend this procedure for Josiah if the present method does not prove successful. I just had my J-tube removed on May 29th. I had feedings for 12 hours a day for six months. It was worth the investment in time because it saved my life. I am confident that this is a viable option for Josiah if deemed necessary. If you have any questions, please contact me.
    Love and prayers,
    Sandra Payne

  5. What can I say...maybe I will talk about something else for a minute. The biggest problem in my life right now is I don't have my taxes done! I extended to October so I have a little time. I have a meeting with tax person today to get things rolling. Since I closed MO's in August of last year, I still have that paper work included in my taxes. Yukky paper work! Oh, well. I know God put me in the place I am in today. Since the year 2000 I have learned alot. I used to limit God based on my expectations of what I thought He could do and based on what other humans said. So prayer and bible study and experiencing miracles in new friendships and new opportunities have taught me how little I really know. The endless possibilities for each of us. So through God all things are possible. Through prayer our eyes and minds are opened to new knowlege which is from a divine source. So we will all keep praying and studying God's word to find answers and to know what to do and what not to do. One of the hardest things for me is to wait, be quiet, and listen, and then know whether to take action or be still. Well, back to my taxes! LU NitaB