Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Update from MRI

We just got off the phone with St. Jude. In short, Josiah's tumor hasn't grown or spread any (since May now), which is good news. The doctors are happy with this "stable" state, but we would all like to see the thing start shrinking. Basically, his tumor is just as it was when we started chemo.

We're going to try to sit down with the doctors next week and discuss this and the long-term game plan. From our understanding, "stable" isn't sustainable forever, but hopefully we'll get some more info soon about the plan moving forward.

Josiah's going in tomorrow for chemo, and should be home by the weekend. Pray that the trip is short and smooth.

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  1. Praying for this round of chemo, the meeting with doctors, and decisions regarding the long-term plan/moving forward. Praying for all of you to rest during this course of treatment and for M&J to be home by the weekend. You are dearly loved.
    Mama D