Sunday, January 24, 2010

Back to the Grind

Tomorrow will be a long day of appointments in isolation. Stephen took Josiah for counts checks Saturday, and since his platelets were borderline low they went ahead and gave him 1/2 a unit.
His cough seems to be getting better, but today he's been pretty clingy. Hopefully, it's just the teething. We were planning on coming to Redeemer today, but Josiah decided to wake up at 6:00 and not go back to sleep...until time to leave for church. Maybe next week.

I keep forgetting to post this link: Several of you guys have probably already seen it by now, but I need to make sure. Stephen was approached a few weeks ago by the Memphis Flyer and asked to be a part of their "20 Under 30" article. He's so great :).

We're hoping to get a clean RSV swab tomorrow. Then we'll have a few days to play with friends, ojal√°, before getting chemo again. Four weeks will be February 1st but I don't know if they'll give him a few extra days since his bone marrow is still not recovered completely.

What a month.

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  1. what a great little blurb about Stephen! YAY!