Sunday, January 10, 2010

Up & Down (And an Announcement)

Hey guys —

We had an interesting weekend. Merri got to go with two friends to visit a friend up in Nashville Friday night and Saturday. Merri and the girls had a good time together, and Josiah and I played all day Saturday at home. We practiced walking, talking and smashing muffins into little bits. And we watched lots of "Dirty Jobs" on Netflix. That show is great. I think I probably have a man-crush on Mike Rowe. Don't tell Merri.

Today hasn't been so much fun. Josiah's counts are beginning to fall, and he's been cranky all day. Tonight, he threw up after dinner all over me, my desk chair and the floor. Thank God for hardwood. We would murder carpet. My desk chair may not recover.

(As a side note, we also had a leaky bathtub faucet to deal with this weekend, which my dad graciously fixed this evening — thanks!!)

Josiah will have bloodwork done tomorrow, but we're anticipating his counts all being low. He isn't tolerating this round of chemo as well as the past few rounds, sadly. He may need blood at some point this week. (Did you know you can donate blood directly to St. Jude? You can.)

It's hard to believe he will be done with chemo in May — just 5 short months — almost a year exactly since his diagnosis and first surgery. A lot of people have asked me what will happen at that point. Basically, the plan is to wait and see what the tumor does. They will monitor him closely. We hope and pray it won't grow. That's the best news we could get. The bad news would be new growth showing up on his MRIs. That would mean more chemo or radiation, if he's over 2 years old. Basically, this summer's game plan will be "Sit and Wait." I can tell you right now, I'm dreading that time frame. I hate not knowing how things will pan out Sadly, I've been stripped of that over and over. A kid having cancer does that to you, I suppose.

We found out this weekend Josiah's story will soon be highlighted on St. Jude's website. I don't have the date the story will be posted, but when it is, we'll link to it here.

...Oh yeah. We have one more bit of news. Josiah is going to be a big brother in August:

Yep. The rumors are true. That chicken nugget is Hackett Baby #2. Holy cow.


  1. Ahhh! Does this mean two of you ran the St. Jude marathon? That is going to be one athletic baby!!! Congratulations!!! :-Dyane

  2. Woot Woot!!! Can't wait to meet this little guy/gal! Erin Hillis

  3. Wow! Congratulations on so many levels! The story on the website is awesome and another GOd is so gracious. Us Futrells are so happy for your news and praying for you FOUR!

  4. yeah! that's so exciting! so happy for the hackett fam!