Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Well, our E Clinic visit for August is behind us. It's barely believable that Josiah has been off treatment for a month already. His eyelashes are about halfway in, and he has a soft, thin carpet of hair all over his head. It still surprises me when I kiss the back of his head-- I even miss the smooth bald spots. I suppose you always miss what you know though. He looks and acts like a boy more and more.

Clinic went well! He walked around the room (trying to catch me) for Dr. Broniscer! All of his numbers are below normal. ANC 1700, platelets 182,ooo... these are numbers we saw when he was between chemo rounds and that surprised me a little. They say it can take up to six months for his bone marrow to really recover. Even then, it might never be what it was before treatment. Thankfully, there are no symptoms (bruises, exhuastion, etc.) with these numbers. Really, they're still awesome compared to what they could be!

Josiah is also doing well with rehab with the exception of confidence. Since he got his helmet he's fallen 2-3 times (I realize that's nothing for a normal child learning to walk) and it has really gotten to him. He and I both cried through PT as he followed his therapist around the room screaming. He can do it, but he hates it! If he even starts to lose his balance he panics instead of trying to catch himself. I know it will take some time and tough love, but it's so sad to see him so scared.

Please pray for Josiah a spirit of "sound mind" and not of fear as he works so hard at walking. We (I) need wisdom to help him and not handicap him further by babying him.

Please pray for Stephen and I as we learn to balance and love two children at the same time.

Thank God for answering my prayer for Allison to be flexible and good at sleeping. She did great her first time to St. Jude :).


  1. oh merri i'll be praying just exactly tht for you. prayers for sleep for allison and for strength for tough love and grace for hard moments and the confidence you and S need for loving those babies. it's a hard, good gig, friend. love

  2. Such a sweet update, Merri! You are a sweet mom. I'll be praying for the confidence and sound mind of a young king. :) Love you!

  3. Merri,
    Your post brought tears to my eyes. (I shouldn't read your post at work!) I remember how hard it was to let go of my children when they were trying new things. It must be especially hard for you and Stephen. You are continually in our prayers. Remember that Heavenly Father is with you every little step of the way!
    Sandra Payne