Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Decision 2011

It feels like that big a deal to us. Talked to the doctors today while Josiah was playing with Ms. Jess in OT. His eye exam and ultrasound showed nothing out of the ordinary (thank you, God!). So our St. Jude doctors are getting together with the neurosurgeons at LeBonheur tomorrow to decide what to do with Josiah.

It's possible they may decide to just monitor Josiah and wait for more symptoms to show up. It's possible he will have a shunt revision surgery. It's also possible they will do something else. We hope to know sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Josiah and Allison both had a big morning playing at the park with friends after our one SJ appointment. It was great to see you ladies and your babies.

MDO friends, we miss you and hope to be with you next week when we are germ free!!

Thank you for praying for Josiah and the rest of us. Please pray for rest.

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  1. Merri & Steve, we are praying for Josiah and for ypu that God will give you strength and Grace to go thorough this.

    Mary Kibe