Thursday, December 19, 2013


Well, Josiah rested for a while, but woke up with pain, had some medicine and never really went back to sleep until about 90 minutes ago. 

He's had pain meds a couple of times, and is having some swelling at the site. It's painful to chew, but he ate some grapes and a muffin, keeping it down so far. 

We should be in a normal room at some point today or tonight, but they're keeping a close eye on things. 

The Neuro team came by this morning. They were happy with how surgery went, and got plenty of samples for St. Jude. 

He's been a little more talkative, mostly while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He sat up on the edge of the bed and the couch without much dizziness. Tomorrow, we'll work on standing. 

Merri and I are tired, but okay. We brought books and iPads, which are proving to be helpful pass the time when he's asleep. Thank you all for everything. 


  1. Hello. My name is Richard and I teach Josiah's class once a month at IPC. Usually I bring one or two of my older daughters with me to help with the craft and music as well.
    One of the things I do each class is allow every student the opportunity to "Tell Me Something". Josiah will remember this game is my guess. The goal is to get every student to say something, anything they want, in exchange for being quiet during the lesson. Recently, Josiah told the class during his turn that his favorite thing to do was "play the Go Tell it on the Mountain game with his LeBonheur friends."
    I just wanted you to know how impactful that was not only on me, but my older two daughters as well. They now sing it occasionally in the car on the way to school.

    1. That is his all time favorite song! He tries to make everyone sing it with him :) !