Thursday, December 19, 2013


Josiah did really well this afternoon! He got a different painkiller and it made him much less groggy and out of it! He ate lunch like a champ, and stayed awake from 2:00 until 8:30 tonight! He is sleeping peacefully now.

We are still technically in the ICU because of staff shortages on the neuro floor, but he's getting checked as if we were in a normal room. Neurosurgery said swelling looks good-- less than they expected even. Neurology said he's doing much better than other patients who've gone through the same surgery. My heart was so happy to hear such encouraging words. He is swollen around his ear and the side of his head, but his nurse said typically it goes down on days three and four post-op.

OT and PT came to see him when he was pretty tired so he didn't do too much. We did get him to sit up without support a couple times and he walked with help to and from the couch. I can't tell what is muscle loss and what is just from being knocked out with meds. They are both coming back to check on him tomorrow. He'll get his secondary IV out of his foot tomorrow as long as he continues to drink well.

They've already discontinued the steroid (YAY!) and the antibiotic so it looks like we might go home with just painkillers as needed!

Goals for tomorrow:
Drink lots so he can get off fluids soon
Get up and walk around the room
Get extra IV out
Get that kid a bath (!)

Please pray that his pain continues to be manageable, and the swelling goes down some tomorrow.
Pray that we all sleep through the night!

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  1. Oh I love you all so much! Go J Go!!!
    So happy he is walking, eating, talking, etc! Praise God!!
    There are so many prayer chains going for you. :) Much love!
    Hugs, Kisses and Circles! ;)