Wednesday, December 18, 2013


The boys are getting it. They are both snoring soundly.

Josiah has done well considering what he went through this morning! He has kept juice down, but not some nasty ground up pill they tried to give him by mouth. Thankfully, we had some chewables with us from home he could take til pharmacy gets them reordered.

As I was about to brush his teeth he suddenly remembered he hadn't eaten dinner (or breakfast or lunch) and he wanted to eat a graham cracker. It took him no less than 8 minutes to eat the one because he is so tired from the morphine. Sleepiness finally won out over hunger and he is passed out. He is irritable from the discomfort he's beginning to feel.

The incision is right above his right ear and has already begun to swell a little. They told us it might get so bad that his right eye swells shut as well. Obviously, this is temporary. I just have a feeling tomorrow might be his roughest day with swelling and being hungry. He is also on a steroid which causes him to be extra hungry,  moody (yay.), and to retain fluid. He's going to look a little puffy until we come off the steroid.

It's sad to see him looking so different than he did just two days ago, but he is acting like himself underneath the pain.

When he first was really talking without being angry about it he said,
"Mama, can I ask you one question?"
"Sure, what can help you with?"
"How about we turn on Disney Junior channel?!"

Later on it was,
"Mama, I'm going to ask you one thing. How do they get these LeBonheur blankets so warm?"

He's obsessed with the warm blankets! He's asked for three today. He's an old man at heart, I think.

Praise God for no complications during surgery!
Praise God his personality seems to be in tact:).
Please pray he feels good enough for a smile by tomorrow evening. That would help him look more like a healthy Josiah to me.
Pray for good sleep for all of us tonight.

Thankful for you,


  1. We are praying. Thanks for the info and the transparency.

  2. We love you guys. Thank you so much for the info.

  3. Sweet Josiah is in all our prayers in here in the Kroc Child Watch Department!!
    So thankful for the protective and healing hand of God!!