Thursday, March 20, 2014

This Spring

Josiah is doing alright. In the past month he's had two headaches and some strange dizzy spells. We were expecting something more "exciting" might be coming soon. Sure enough, he had a grand mal seizure early Tuesday morning when he was still sleeping. Thankfully, Stephen heard him. Thankfully, we got it to stop with two medications. Thankfully, we didn't have to go to the hospital!  

I can't emphasize enough what a difference that made for us!: No pokes, no ambulance, no leaving Allison behind, no over night stay. He got to sleep off his drug coma in our bed snuggled with me. After talking to the neuro clinic at St Jude we upped his lamictal dose. His MRI date will remain the same at this point.

I love Spring and the renewal that comes with it. Projects abandoned back when it was too cold to paint or dig quickly take up an entire weekend. Plants I forgot I had start to peek out of the dirt with new leaves. Most days the happy thoughts outweigh the ones I'd like to forget.

This May will mark five years from Josiah's diagnosis. His MRI will be three days before that anniversary. That alone makes this scan emotional enough, not to mention the past nine months he has been through. I write this to just ask you please to be in prayer even now for this scan. I've heard someone say that prayer isn't meant to change a situation but to change us. Pray that Stephen and I would be ready to hear what we hear May 5th. 

We know one family who lost their son earlier this month. Dear friends of ours are caring for their daughter in what may very well be her last days with them here. Pray for the George and Ramirez families.

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  1. I hate hearing about the seizure but am very glad you guys avoided the hospital. I'm sure J's happy about it to. Y'all are always in our thoughts & prayers! Go-J-Go!