Monday, April 28, 2014

Back Home

We were discharged Sunday afternoon!

Josiah was happy to be home. Before we got out of the car he asked if we could listen to "I Gotta Feelin'" :). Of course, once you get the dance tunes going you have to get out the disco ball so that's still sitting on the living room floor. The return home dance party lasted about 10 minutes then he was ready to see his BFF, Allison. They don't like these weekends apart any more than Stephen and I do.

So Josiah is working hard on his bike riding skills. We went around the block three times Friday, and stopped only because we had to eat lunch. He sat on it until I got his plate ready. I love to see him excited about something physical. He avoids things that are difficult (like any of us!) for him, but this adaptive trike has already boosted his confidence like you wouldn't believe. I was running along side him down a small hill reminding him where his brake was, and he just grinned as he took the corner like a pro. It makes my heart so glad to see him so sure of himself.

Also this week, he learned to swallow pills!
"Down the water slide!" and a victory dance

I mean, is there anything Child Life can't do?!? I was eleven before I could swallow the horse pills this kid downed! This will make taking his newest medication much easier. It is a hazardous drug as a liquid which doesn't make me feel great about it going down his throat. We have to wear gloves to handle it! At least a pill will release further down in his tummy. 

All these happy victories for our hard working man made me all the more angry for him this weekend. For every step forward there seems to be another step back. His speech has gotten really rough this week, possibly due to his little brain being under so much electrical stress. I really pray this week breezes by for him.

One week til his MRI.


  1. I'll be praying for him and all of you this week as you wait for the MRI. I'm so glad he has this new bicycle....St. Jude is awesome.

  2. Good story. Hang tight. Love you guys. Nita B

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