Monday, May 19, 2014

Just an Update

No big news. I suppose that isn't a bad thing, considering!

Josiah is doing alright. He had a breakthrough seizure over Mother's Day weekend (thanks.) so we've adjusted meds, again, and we continue to monitor him.

His left eye requires even more aggressivER patching :(. It's not fun, but he really does do well with it. If six hours a day doesn't do the trick to strengthen that eye then we will probably go to glasses.

Please pray for this medicine to work BUT for Josiah's body to adjust to the side effects. He is still very tired and uncoordinated.

He is wrapping up his preschool year at MDO, and had his spring play a few weeks ago. I think it was his highlight of the year. He has been begging to listen to the songs even though he already knows the words. He is a music lover for sure!

So happy he was healthy to participate on that special day! So proud of his every accomplishment.
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